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About Our Computer Club

LKT&C Club Officers 2020-2022

President:                             Catherine Boudreau

Vice-President:                     Catherine Greulich

Recording Secretary:           Susan Resch

Corresponding Secretary:    Ron Crowley

Treasurer:                              Gabriel Siegel

Trustee (3 Year 9/23)            Joan Brownlee

Trustee (2 Year 9/22)            Tom Nemeth

Trustee (1 Year 9/21)            Carl Galanti

The Beginning

In June of 1996 the first steps were initiated to organize a computer club in Leisure Knoll.    Once official approval was received, meetings began in Lakeside Lodge.

In 2000 Loretta R. Snack became president until 2012, when Marion Goldberg became the new president.

The Club underwent a major revitalization under the presidency of Gabriel Siegel, who stepped down in the fall of 2020. Our current president Catherine Boudreau was elected by a unanimous vote, and she together with Catherine Greulich lead a dynamic and energetic club.


Over the years computer equipment has been purchased through general Knoll funds, Club members serving as "custodians." Over the years, the Leisure Knoll club has held comprehensive seminars on the use of Facebook, Microsoft Office and other applications for the general Leisure Knoll community.

Come join us, and see for yourself.

Girl with Tablet
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