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I'm new to the Knoll. How do I get more information about the Computer & Technology Club?

If your request is simply for general information, just us know that in the "Contact Us" page on this site. Please leave either your phone number or email address, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have specific questions, let us know through the "Forum" page on this site.

Is the Computer & Technology Club open to all? I'm still somewhat new to computers?

Yes, we welcome all residents of Leisure Knoll regardless of their background. You'll find members at all levels of familiarity with computers and technology from beginners to "older" computer professionals.

With the changing rules for in-person activities, does the club meet virtually or in-person? If meetings are virtual, how do I get an invitation? And how do I join the club?

We now hold meetings in-person in the PAC and simultaneously viz ZOOM for those who for whatever reason cannot or choose not to attend in-person. The easiest way to get an invitation for a ZOOM session is to hit the "Members Chat" asking for one. If, on the other hand you are uncomfortable  with leaving any personal information on the website, contact the Club's vice-president by phone or email directly.

If I attend the meetings and wish to join, are there any obligations on my part, such as attending or participating? Are there membership dues?

There are no official obligations. Come and feel free to ask questions, give some information if you have some, even give a presentation if you wish. But there is no obligation to do so.

Membership dues are currently the very modest $5.00/ year.

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